CSR Nationals start off slow

The first day of the M24 Nationals is in the books. The fleet tried to get a race off in the light air of Seattle, but during the flood with 1-3 kts of breeze it was not meant to be.

In the one race they attempted to sail, AYSF team members were doing well. “There was a substantial fleet split with 1/4 of the boats going to the right for current relief. The wind was also steadier on the right. In the end all decisions made were irrelevant. Tomorrow’s supposed to blow 15 kts, then we will know where we stand,” Josh observed.

Todays racing starts at 11, with five races likely to happen. Ian will be taking some video, possibly in the water, look for those shots tonight.

NOR*CAL launching off the start line - Photo Credit to Jan Anderson

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