Check out what Alan Huang from Downtown High School’s “Get Out and Learn Program” said!

Here’s what one of the students from Downtown HS (Alan Huang) wrote about our sailing with them:

“I think the new experience that I had in Goal is last Friday at the boat shop when we went sailing with the American Youth Sailing Force. It was my second time sailing, it was really exciting but at the same time it was scary and fun because the boat was going so fast that that I thought it was going to flip over every second and the waves were hitting the boat when we went faster, water splashing on my face like rain. But it was fun sailing so fast like a car racing but no stop sign or anything to stop us. I also got to learn how to control the boat with the tiller. It was not easy to control the boat because I have to watch if there are swimmers in the way or not but it was easy when we went outside the swimming area. And I got to learn how to use the main sail to get the winds to move us and make sure I can get all the support that I can give to the person who controls the boat. I think it is not easy to sail a small boat with only 1 person but the people in the American Youth Sailing Force are really strong and competitive. One of the American Youth Sailing Force that sail with me told us a lot about how he got to the point that he is in the American Youth Sailing Force and is going to the race in September. He learned how to sail when he was 5 and never gave up on what he likes to do. He even dropped out of school to get ready for the race. I think I learned a lot from that experience. Never give up on what you like and I think it will help me get strong by not giving up easily. Further more after that sail at the end of the day my whole body was salty!!!!!!”

Thanks Alan! (We get a lot out of sailing with you too.)

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