An Afternoon on the Bay with the Afterguard Sailing Academy

Last week the two Force members, Ian and Evan, participated in another outreach program with inner city high school students, this time with the Afterguard Sailing Program on Sunsail’s Beneteau First 40s. After leaving the dock, they took over the boat and sailed all the way from Sausalito to Jack London Square in Oakland, making sure to give everyone of their classmates a chance to drive, trim, and grind. The kids had been out on the boats a couple times before and had the basics of sailing down, so they were able to do everything on the boat – driving, trimming, and even setting the spinnaker, which was awesome. It quickly turned into a race between both boats, and soon after reaching out of Sausalito, we had kites up and we were trading gybes all the way down the city front — smiles all around! Since the kids had the mechanics of sailing down, Travis, the Sunsail Instructor, and I could teach them about looking for different current lines, gusts of wind, and the finer points of steering and sail trim. With the level of excitement on the boat, I am sure these kids will be itching to rip around the Bay again, and hopefully we will be able to join them as well! Thanks again to the Afterguard Academy and Travis and Heather from Sunsail for inviting us out for a beautiful and exciting day on the Bay.

Ev Sjostedt

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