January 1st through March 1st

This early organizational period will primarily involve individual and small group training based on the availability of team members out of Richmond Yacht Club. We have full access to two A Class Catamarans and two 18 Foot Skiffs every day. We will be chartering an F-18 Catamaran for the team. We will crew during the mid-Winter regattas on both the local SL33 and VX40. These big fast catamarans provide the next best alternative to the AC45. With sufficient funding, the AYSF plans to send a contingent of the team to Sydney, Australia to compete in the 18 Foot Skiff World Championships (Feb. 15-27).

The Force Training

March 1st through May 1st

By March 1, a majority of the team will have relocated to San Francisco Bay for a full time focus on training as our campaign ramps up for the spring. Our team office next to the ORACLE TEAM USA base on Pier 80 will be fully functional. ORACLE TEAM USA will provide three days of on-the water training and coaching aboard one of their AC45 catamarans each month. Team members will also spend time each day in the ORACLE TEAM USA gym working with their training staff to increase strength & conditioning.

We will continue to practice on the A Class Catamarans, 18 foot skiffs, F-18 Catamaran, SL33 and VX40 with a goal of 20 days of sailing each month. We will begin to utilize the AYSF’s coaching staff, which includes Steve Clark, Brian Ledbetter, Carl Buchan, and Dalton Bergan. We will focus on deciding on crew positions so that so each crew member can focus on the particular skills needed for that position utilizing both the AC45’s and our training boats.


The Force Training

May 1st though July 15th

Starting in May we will have our entire team in San Francisco. We will focus more of our attention on the ORACLE TEAM USA AC45 and the SL33; large fast catamarans. Again our goal is 20 days on the water each month where team members will work on improving their performance at their assigned position as well as cross training to fill other roles on the boat. Team members will continue to spend time each day in the ORACLE TEAM USA gym working with their training staff to increase strength & conditioning.
The SL33 was designed as a small scale training boat for the AC45 so practice on that boat will give us the best training opportunities to transfer skills to the AC45. We will continue to train outside of Pier 80 as necessary to keep strengthening the team and focus on specific areas that need improvement based on recommendations and advice from coaching.



July 15th through August 31st

On July 15th we will take possession of our own Red Bull Youth America’s Cup AC45 which will have team and sponsor branding on it. We will have the sailing roster set so we can focus this final period working on boat to boat tactics and strategy sailing against other Red Bull Youth America’s Cup teams working up their programs on San Francisco Bay.
We will have daily debriefs after practice and any needed improvements that the coaching staff find will be discussed and put into practice sessions the following day. Our goal is to sail our AC45 as many days as possible with total time on the water of 25 days per month.

The overall goal for September 1st is for the entire team to be perfectly comfortable racing the AC45 at the highest level.


Photo copyright © Gilles Martin-Raget

September 1st to 4th

The twelve international teams will race two fleet races per day for eight days to decide the winner of the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup. All of the team’s planning, training & coaching are geared to winning this regatta.

We have a good head start by starting training as a team early this year, getting the crew positions set early allowing each team member to focus on and become highly skilled in their role and finally spending the summer months working on boat to boat tactics and strategy.


The American Youth Sailing Force intends to stand at the top of the podium on
September 4th, 2013.

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