Mission Statement

The American Youth Sailing Force is challenging to win the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup this September on San Francisco Bay. Many young sailors have grown up visualizing themselves sailing for the Cup. Red Bull is making that dream more possible.
Every Cup campaign is about more than just the sailing. Our team must work on physical training and boat handling skills, but we also need to learn about logistics and scheduling, fund raising and fulfillment. To win the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup the American Youth Sailing Force has to master all those skills.
Our team is on the leading edge of change in the world of high performance youth sailing and competing for the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup in AC45 catamarans provides our team the visibility to inspire other young people to use their talents to the fullest.
The team’s long term goal is to create opportunities for future generations to achieve what we have through direct outreach to young people in yacht club junior programs as well as other community based programs for at risk youth. We feel our strongest asset is “youth talking to youth”.
The Force team members have a direct connection to younger sailors, and more broadly kids in the community, because they were in that same place just a few years ago. Our team will use our position racing in the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup to reach out to kids in the community, talking about how sailing gave a focus to our lives and how Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are the
tools we use everyday to be successful.
Our team has been fortunate to receive guidance from older sailors who worked their way up the ladder of professional sailing. We’ll use that mentoring to develop a streamlined process to share with anyone keen to push themselves forward.
The American Youth Sailing Force is aiming to stand on the podium holding up the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup in September 2013 and by our efforts inspiring young people to do their very best in everything they attempt.
The American Youth Sailing Force
Ian Andrewes
David Liebenberg
Michael Menninger
Tommy Pastalka
Mikey Radziejowski
Evan Sjostedt
Cooper Dressler
Solomon Krevans
Ben Lezin

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