AC45 Boats

The AC45 was designed by Oracle Team USA specifically for the America’s Cup and represents the fastest one design multihull sailboat that exists today. These boats typically hit speeds of 30+ knots during racing.
In the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup, the AC45 is sailed by a crew of six. Getting the boat around the course requires not only great sailing skill but also a very high level of fitness. The AYSF will be in the gym every day before the event to hone our strength and conditioning.
At 45 feet long, 23 feet wide, and only 3,000 lbs, the AC45 is an absolute rocket ship. The crew has to react quickly to changing situations on the water, which will be often when twelve AC45’s are racing on the same course. There have been numerous capsizes In the America’s Cup World Series, which serves to make the racing especially exciting.
The boat is built entirely out of space age composite materials and sports a 70 foot tall solid wing mast and a total sail area of 2,800 square feet.
“The wing is big and powers up quickly,” says Jimmy Spithill, the first skipper to helm the 45. While capable of closing speeds in excess of 30 knots, the AC45 was designed to remain nimble enough to handle the tight courses planned by the America’s Cup Race Management. The winner of the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup will be the team that can push this boat to the limit and remain in control. The American Youth Sailing Force will be that team!



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