Evan Sjostedt

Evan Sjostedt, 20, spent most of his childhood in the Midwest, and started sailing the minute he set foot in California. He spent nearly all his time on the water and in the boatyards of Long Beach, working on boats just as constantly as he was sailing them. Evan has been hooked on offshore racing since his first race from LA to Honolulu at 16. Since then, he has been racking up blue water miles by competing in nearly every West Coast Offshore race and is gearing up to compete in his third Transpac. His is currently involved in two TP52 campaigns, sailing both inshore and offshore.
Evan also races his International 505 and is also an active International 14 foot skiff crew, racing in California and Seattle. Evan is very involved in the engineering side of sailing, especially composites. He has recently been working with his dad to develop several innovative patents for composites in sailing applications as well as studying Mechanical Engineering at Seattle University.
  • 1st in division, R/P 48 Flyer Seal Beach Yacht Club Ocean Racing Series, 2008 & 2009. Bow.
  • 3rd in division, Santa Cruz 50 Mighty Tongaroa Transpac 2009. Bow.
  • 3rd in division, Tripp-33 Alpha Poppa Coastal Cup 2010. Bow
  • 1st in division, Melges 30 Blade 2010. Bow.
  • 8th overall, International 14 ft skiff, West Coast Championships 2011
  • 1st in division, TP-52 Rio Campbell Cup 2011. Mid-bow.
  • 4th in division, TP-52 Rio MEXORC 2011. Mid-bow.
  • 1st in division,TP-52 Rio Yachting Cup 2012. Mid-bow.
  • 2nd in division, Kernan 44 Wasabi Swiftsure 2012. Bow

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