David Liebenberg

David Liebenberg, 20, grew up racing Optimists and El Toro’s on San Francisco bay. After growing out of prams, David transitioned into skiff sailing, winning 29er Nationals and North Americans on several occasions, and coming in top ten at the 2009 and 2010 worlds. He and his skipper became known as “Heavy air Specialists” in the 29er class, having extensive experience sailing in heavy air venues such as San Francisco and Santa Cruz. In 2011, he came in first at the International 14 Nationals. David is in his junior year at Tufts University, Massachusetts, and an active member of the sailing team where he sails varsity on CFJ’s and also represents the University in keel boat events. Having been raised sailing on his family’s Express 27 in the currents, heavy wind, and variable sea state of the San Francisco Bay, David had a long and extensive keel boat sailing career by a very young age.
David has worked the last two summers at a sailloft and is working in rigging and composites this summer. With such an in depth knowledge of boats and such a vast experience of sailing, David is well-prepared to step on any boat and figure out what it takes to go fast. Currently David is gearing toward an Olympic campaign on 49ers in the San Francisco Bay. With so much international experience on the water, David is well versed in representing his country admirably and respectably.
  • 1st overall, Ultimate 27 Nationals 2004. foredeck.
  • 1st overall, US 29er Nationals 2007
  • 1st overall , Ultimate 27 Nationals 2007. foredeck.
  • 15th overall, 29er, Australian Nationals 2007
  • 2nd in division, 29er, US Youth Champs in San Francisco 2007
  • 5th overall/1st youth, US 29er Nationals 2008
  • 1st overall, 29er, East Coast Grand Prix 2008
  • 1st overall, 29er, North Americans 2008
  • 1st overall, 29er, National Championships 2009
  • 1st overall, 29er, North American Championships 2009
  • 1st in division, 29er, East Coast Grand Prix 2009
  • 1st overall, 29er, East Coast Championships 2009
  • 9th overall, 29er Worlds in Lago di Garda, Italy 2009
  • 1st overall, 29er, US National Championship 2010
  • 1st overall, 29er, North American Championships 2010
  • 5th overall, 29er Worlds in the Bahamas 2010
  • 1st overall, Colgate 28, Fleet Race 2010. Helmsman.
  • 1st overall, International 14 US Nationals, 2011
  • 1st overall, IRC 35, Storm Trysail Offshore Intercollegiate Regatta 2011. Bow.
  • 1st overall, Colgate 28, Fleet Race 2011. Helmsman.

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