Reasons to support the American Youth Sailing Force

While the RedBull Youth America’s Cup is what our team is currently working towards, our long term goal is to create a pathway for other driven youth sailors to follow into the professional sailing world. We strongly feel that our team is on the leading edge of change in the world of high performance youth sailing and plan to continue creating opportunities for the future generations. AYSF has a direct connection to younger sailors, and more broadly to kids in the community because we were in their place just a few years ago. We plan to use our position racing in the RBYAC to reach out to kids in the community, talking to them about how sailing gave a focus to our lives and how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are now tools we use everyday to be successful. Our team has been fortunate to receive guidance from certain individuals that have worked on similar projects and our goal is to develop a streamlined process to share with anyone keen to push themselves forward. We plan to meet with groups and help motivate kids to achieve their goals as we have. Giving money to AYSF is not just about helping our team win, it’s about our giving back to the community. To support the AYSF and our mission, please visit our donate page to make Tax-deductible donation today.


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