(5/3/2013) The Force and Treasure Island Sailing Center Focus on Community Outreach

SAN FRANCISCO, California May 3, 2013 – The American Youth Sailing Force (The Force) took a day out of their busy schedule to give back to the Bay Area’s sailing community at the Treasure Island Sailing Center.

April 28 began with The Force giving a brief presentation to the high school students about who they are and what role they are playing in the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup, representing San Francisco. This was followed by a brief question and answer session. The Force’s Tommy Pastalka answered a few of their questions. “They were asking a lot about the AC45s, how fast they go, what kind of teamwork is necessary to race them and how do they compare with other boats. It was a good session.”

After the Q&A, it was time to rig the FJs and Optis, and get on the water. The youth sailors participated in three pre-race start practices and then ran three races. The Force crew sailed with a couple different students each. Ian Andrewes, The Force’s Team Manager, enjoyed the opportunity spending time with the teenagers who represented various socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. “It was a great experience getting to race the FJs with them. They are good sailors and we were able to focus on some specific maneuvers with them.” Pastalka spent a lot of his time working on windward mark roundings and downwind wing-on-wing techniques. “It was really rewarding to spend one-on-one time with the sailors to work just on sailing and racing skills.”

Each member of The Force is passionate about giving back to the sailing community. Andrewes believes that, “Without this kind of outreach and programs like the Treasure Island Sailing Center’s, it can be difficult to interact at this level with young sailors. And, it’s important to communicate how they can work as a team to reach their goals.”

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